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Blanche De Chambly7.00

(500ml/5%) (Chambly, QC - Witbier)


(500ml/5%) (Belgium - Witbier)

Delirium Tremens7.00

(330ml/9%) (Belgium - Golden Strong Ale)

Leffe Blonde6.00

(330ml/6.6%) (Belgium - Belgian Blonde Ale)

Erdinger Dunkel8.00

(500ml/5.6%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)

Pilsner Urquell7.00

(500ml/5%) (Czech Republic - Pilsner)

Erdinger Weiss8.00

(500ml/5.3%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)

La Chouffe8.00

(330ml/8%) (Belgium - Strong Pale Ale)

Alley Kat Full Moon5.00

(330ml/5%) (Edmonton, AB - Pale Ale)

Maisel's Weisse7.50

(500ml/5.4%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)


(500ml/5%) (Netherlands - Lager)

Früli Strawberry6.00

(300ml/4.1%) (Belgium - Fruit Beer)

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Blanche De Chambly9.00

(500ml/5%) (Chambly, QC - Witbier)

Steigl Radler7.50

(300ml/2.5%) (Austria - Fruit Beer)

Delirium Tremens9.00

(330ml/9%) (Belgium - Golden Strong Ale)

Wild Rose Alberta Crude8.00

(500ml/5.25%) (Calgary, AB - Oatmeal Stout)

Erdinger Dunkel9.50

(500ml/5.6%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)

La Chouffe10.00

(330ml/8%) (Belgium - Strong Pale Ale)

Erdinger Weiss9.50

(500ml/5.3%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)

Maisel's Weisse9.50

(500ml/5.4%) (Germany - Hefeweizen)

Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale6.00

(330ml/5%) (Edmonton, AB - Pale Ale)

Chimay White13.00

(350ml/8%) (Belgium - Tripel)


(500ml/5%) (Netherlands - Lager)

Duchesse De Bourgogne10.00

(330ml/8%) (Belgium - Flanders Ale)


(500ml/5%) (Belgium - Witbier)

Blindman Brewing

(330ml) (Lacombe, AB)
Market Price
Ask your server

Leffe Blonde7.50

(330ml/6.6%) (Belgium - Belgian Blond Ale)

Troubled Monk

(500ml/5.4%) (Red Deer, AB)
Market Price
Ask your server

Früli Strawberry7.00

(300ml/4.1%) (Belgium - Fruit Wheat Ale)

St. Bernardus ABT 1213.00

(330ml/9%) (Belgium - Belgian Dark Ale)

Pilsner Urquell9.00

(500ml/5%) (Czech Republic - Pilsner)

Bottles - Lager

Bottom-fermenting yeast at low temperatures makes these brews crisp and clean, perfectly refreshing and eminently drinkable


(500ml Can/4.9%) (Austria)


(500ml/5.6%) (Poland)


(500ml/4.2%) (Kenya)

Baron Dark Lager9.00

(500ml/4.7%) (Czech Republic)

Bottles - Pilsner

First brewed in the city of Pilzen, this beer is light in color and crystal clear. Prominent hops (usually Saaz) provide spice and floral notes. The malt profile is smooth and clean


(330ml/5%) (Czech Republic)

Jasper Brewing Crisp PIls7.00

(355ml/4.8%) (Jasper, AB)

Pinkus Organic Ur Pils12.00

(500ml/5.2%) (Germany)

Hoyne Hoyner Pilsner15.00

(650ml/5.5%) (Victoria, BC)

Bottles - Pale/Light Ale

These beers are basic ales with malt and hops in balance. American ales tend to be hoppier and cleaner, while English are maltier and Belgians have a strong yeast character

Philips Blue Buck7.00

(341ml/5%) (Victoria, BC)

Anchor Steam8.00

(355ml/4.8%) (San Francisco, CA)

Blindman River Session Ale8.00

(341ml/4.4%) (Lacombe, AB)

Fuller's Organic Honey Dew10.00

(500ml/5%) (England)

Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale Ale8.00

(473ml/5.8%) (Hamilton, ON)

Annex Forward Progress Pale Ale8.00

(4735ml/5.2%) (Calgary, AB)

Bottles - ESB

An amped up version of an English pale ale with more pronounced malt and hop profiles. Classic English hops lean towards earthy and spicy flavors as compared to their American counterparts which are more citrus and floral

Fuller's ESB10.00

(500ml/5.9%) (England)

La Vache Folle ESB12.00

500ml/6%) (Baie - Saint Paul, QC)

Bottles - Fruit / Spice / Herb

Brewed to highlight the flavors of fruit or spice, these beers have lower malt and hop profiles. Most use artificial flavors, while the better examples incorporate real fruit in the brew.

Alley Kat Aprikat7.00

(341ml/5%) (Edmonton, AB)

DDC Rosée d'Hibiscus Wheat Ale7.00

(341ml/5%) (Montreal, QC)

Fuggles & Warlock The Last Strawberry Wit9.00

(355ml Can/4.9%) (Richmond, BC)

Floris Ninkeberry9.50

(330ml/3.6%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Lambic

Lambics are spontaneously fermented beers with a very unique palate thanks to wild yeasts. They all have a signature tartness and are often blended with fruit to add sweetness

Lindemans Cuvèe Renè14.00

(355ml/5%) (Belgium)

Boon Kriek20.00

(375ml/5%) (Belgium)

Lindemans Kriek Cuvèe Renè14.00

(375ml/7%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Cider / Ginger Beer

Light and refreshing, these beverages are fermentations of sugars from apples or pears (cider) or cane and spices (ginger beer)

Crabbies Ginger Beer12.00

(500ml/4%) (UK)

Sir Perry Pear Cider8.00

(500ml/6%) (England)

Magners Original Cider9.00

(568ml/4.5%) (England)

Picker's Hut Premium Cider14.00

(650ml/6%) (Kelowna, BC)

Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer7.00

(355ml/4.2%) (UK)

Left Field Big Dry Cider16.00

(500ml/7.2%) (Mammoth, BC)

Bottles - Gluten Free

These beers are brewed from gluten-free grains such as sorghum, quinoa and buckwheat

Glutenberg IPA9.00

(473ml/6%) (Montreal, QC)

Glutenberg White Ale9.00

(473ml Can/5%) (Montreal, QC)

Glutenberg American Pale Ale9.00

(473ml Can/6%) (Montreal, QC)


(330ml/5%) (Netherlands)

Glutenberg Red Ale9.00

(473ml Can/5%) (Montreal, QC)

Bottles - Saison

A traditional farmhouse style brewed to refresh during the summer. Very complex aroma and flavor with lots of earthy and fruity notes and a dry finish

Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux30.00

(750ml/9.5%) (Belgium)

Hitachino Nest Saison du Japon10.00

(330ml/5%) (Japan)

Bottles - IPA

Embraced by hopheads in the Americas, this style was produced to keep ales fresh on long voyages. Hop presence ranges from medium to raging inferno, but they are always refreshing and pair brilliantly with many foods

Anderson Valley Heelch O'Hops DIPA10.00

(355ml/8.7%) (Boonville, CA)

Phillips Bottle Rocket ISA6.00

(355ml Can/5%) (Victoria, BC)

Steamworks Flagship IPA7.00

(330ml/6.7%) (Burnaby, BC)

Phillips Electric Unicorn White IPA7.00

(341ml/6.5%) (Victoria, BC)

Tofino Hoppin Cretin IPA16.00

(650ml/7.5%) (Tofino, BC)

Driftwood Fat Tug IPA9.50

(473ml/7%) (Victoria, BC)

Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA8.00

(355ml/6.5%) (Oregon, USA)

Blindman Brewing Longshadows IPA8.50

(473ml/7.1%) (Lacombe, AB)

Coronado Idiot IPA20.00

(650ml/8.5%) (Coronado, CA)

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA9.00

(473ml/7.2%) (California, USA)

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin9.00

(355ml/7%) (California, USA)

Hopworks IPA19.00

(650ml/6.6%) (Oregon)

Bottles - Amber / Red Ale

A bigger malt profile characterizes these ales, which can range from amber to ruby in color and from light to full bodied in mouthfeel

Alley Kat Buena Vista Brown Ale6.00

(341ml/5%) (Edmonton, AB)

Innis & Gunn8.00

(330ml/6.6%) (Scotland)

Troubled Monk Open Road Brown6.00

(355ml Can/5.5%) (Red Deer, AB)

Rogue Dead Guy Ale8.00

(355ml/6.5%) (Newport, OR)

Bottles - Sour / Flanders Ale

Flanders red ales are blended sour ales produced in oak barrels. They produce a complex, fruity, tart, red wine-like flavor and aroma

Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouges12.00

(330ml/5.5%) (Belgium)

Modern Times Fruitlands9.50

(473ml/4.9%) (San Diego, CA)

Blindman Brewing Kettle Sour7.00

(355ml Can/4.5%) (Lacombe, AB)

Bottles - Dubbel

Rich and malty, these highly carbonated brews come from centuries of Trappist brewing traditions. Dark candi sugar adds caramel and toffee notes as well as a dark red hue

Chimay Red12.50

(330ml/7%) (Belgium)

Rochefort 612.50

(330ml/7.5%) (Belgium)

Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum16.00

(500ml/8%) (Baie - Saint Paul, QC)

Westmalle Dubbel12.50

(330ml/7%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Tripel Belgian

Tripels present the dangerous combination of a light, easy-drinking character with high, but hidden alcohol presence. This is due to a liberal use of light candi sugar which boosts the alcohol content without adding body. Other characteristics are a strong yeast presence with subtle spice and a sweeter finish

Chimay White13.00

(330ml/8%) (Belgium)

Westmalle Tripel13.00

(330ml/9.5%) (Belgium)

Tripel Karmeliet13.00

(330ml/8.4%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Quadrupel

Bold dark ales with lots of everything! Strong alcohol presence is balanced with loads of dark fruit, spice and toffee. Perfect for a cold day or paired with a rich dessert

La Trappe Quadrupel30.00

(750ml/10%) (Netherlands)

Rochefort 1016.50

(330ml/11.3%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Belgian Style Strong Pale Ale

Pale to golden ales with a higher alcohol content and yeast presence than standard pales. Flavors tend towards fruity while hop character can range from subtle to bold


(330ml/8.5%) (Belgium)


(330ml/6.9%) (Belgium)


(330ml/8.4%) (Belgium)

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde15.00

(750ml/9%) (Chambly, QC)

Bottles - Wheat Beer

Comprised of around 50% wheat, these beers have a uniquely smooth mouthfeel. Traditional yeasts add esters which come though as banana, clove, bubble gum or apples

Erdinger Alkoholfrei7.00

(500ml/0.5%) (Germany)

Pinkus Organic Hefe–Weizen12.00

(500ml/5%) (Germany)

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat14.50

(650ml/5%) (Eureka, CA)

Weihenstephaner Dunkel10.00

(500ml/5.3%) (Germany)

Bottles - Belgian Style Strong Dark Ale

Tending towards stronger alcohol and spicier flavors, these ales are not subtle. High carbonation, big body and intense flavor are hallmarks

Chimay Blue14.00

(330ml/9%) (Belgium)

Delirium Nocturnum10.00

(330ml/8.5%) (Belgium)

Rochefort 814.00

(330ml/9.2%) (Belgium)

Bottles - Porter Dark Ale

Traditionally porters were made by mixing beers of different styles together. Modern examples play on this by combining light and dark malts to produce beers that are lighter in body but bigger in flavor. Porters highlight darker flavors such as chocolate, coffee and smoke

Anchor Porter7.00

(355ml/5.6%) (San Francisco, CA)

Old Engine Oil8.00

(330ml/6%) (Scotland)

Fuller's London Porter9.00

(500ml/5.4%) (England)

Maui Coconut Hiwa Porter9.00

(355ml/6%) (Maui, Hawaii)

Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter13.50

(650ml/5.2%) (Victoria, BC)

Bottles - Stout

Stouts can range from lighter bodied with subtle dark flavors to big, robust and viscous, from dry to sweet, and from low alcohol to high. All tend to be black and roasty

DDC Aphrodisiaque8.00

(341ml/6.5%) (Montreal, QC)

Ola Dubh 1215.00

(330ml/8%) (Scotland)

DDC Péché Mortel8.00

(341ml/9.5%) (Montreal, QC)

Ola Dubh 1817.00

(330ml/8%) (Scotland)

Deschutes Obsidian7.00

(355ml/6.2%) (Portland, OR)

La Vache Folle Imperial Stout15.00

(500ml/9%) (Baie-Saint Paul, QC)

MH Gentlemens Stout7.00

(355ml/7%) (Medicine Hat, AB)

Wine & Cocktails



(2oz El Dorado 12 Rum, 1oz Lime, 3/4oz Honey, Angostura)


(1oz Tempo Gin, 1oz Aperol, 1oz Vermouth Di Torino Rosso)

Old Fashioned12.00

(2oz Elijah Craig Bourbon, Brown Sugar, Angostura, Orange Zest)


(2oz Alberta Premium Whisky, 1oz Antica Formula Vermouth, Angostura, Orange Zest)

Calvados Sidecar12.00

(1oz Pere Magloire Calvados, 3/4 Cointreau, 1/2oz Hardy VSOP Cognac, 3/4 Lemon)


(3oz Red Wine, a dash of Brandy, Grapefruit and Orange Juice, Soda and Seasonal fresh Fruit)

Brother Darryl12.00

(1 1/2oz Forty Creek Copper Whisky, 1/2oz. Averna, 1/4oz Cinnamon, Lemon Oil)


(2oz of Rum, Fresh Mint, Lime Juice, Sugar Cube and Soda)

Specialty Coffees

1oz | 2oz
Premium Spirits add $2


Kahlua, Grand Marnier Baileys
8 | 11


8 | 11

After 8

Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe, Forty Creek Rye
8 | 11

Monte Cristo

Kahlua, Grand Marnier
8 | 11

Spanish Coffee

Kahlua, Brandy
8 | 11

Irish Coffee

Jamesons, Whip Cream
8 | 11


8 | 11

Premium Spirits

In a Cocktail add $2
Straight or Highball as listed 1oz | 2oz


Belvedere: 8 | 12
Grey Goose: 8 | 12


Bulleit: 7 | 11
Maker's Mark: 8 | 12
Knob Creek: 8 | 12


Talisker 10 yr: 8 | 12
Glenfiddich 15 yr: 8 | 12
Oban 14 yr: 10 | 15
Lagavulin 16 yr: 10 | 15


Forty Creek: 6 | 9


Hendricks: 8 | 12
Tempo Dry Gin 8 | 10


Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum: 7 | 11
Bacardi Black: 7 | 11

Red Grapes

6oz Pour | 9oz Pour | 750ml Bottle

Vivanco Rioja

(Tempranillo- Spain) (Floral aroma, fruity, fresh and pleasant)
8 | 12 | 35

La Fiole Cotes Du Rhone

(Grenache, Syrah- France) (Full bodied, dark fruit, smoky and tastes of blackberries)
8 | 12 | 35

Cono Sur Organic

(Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere–Chile) (Dark fruit, oak)
8 | 12 | 30

Louis Latour110.00

(Gevrey Chambertin Burgundy- France) (Floral notes with black current, vanilla, coffee)

Los Cardos

(Malbec–Argentina) (Berry, spicy plum)
8 | 12 | 30

Chateau Lamarque65.00

(Haut-Medoc Bordeaux- France) (Red and blackberry fruits with spice notes)

Prospect Winery

(Pinot Noir- BC) (Red berry fruit with delicate touches of spice)
8 | 12 | 35

White Grapes

6oz Pour | 9oz Pour | 750ml Bottle

Quails Gate

(Gewüraztraminer– BC) (Melon, lychee)
8 | 12 | 35

Matua Hawkes Bay

(Sauvignon Blanc - NZ) (Passionfruit, Gooseberry)
8 | 12 | 35

Mclaren Vale

(Chardonnay- Australia) (Buttery aromas, notes of vanilla, oak barrel)
8 | 12 | 35

Cotes De Lechet Chablis Premier Cru60.00

(France) (Crisp acidity, soft minerality, apple notes)

Gunderloch Fritz's Riesling

(Riesling - Germany) (Peach, green apple, lime)
8 | 12 | 35

Sparkling & Champagne | Dessert

750ml Bottle

Mionetto Prosecco DOC Brut9.00

(Italy, 200ml) (Aromas of golden apple, pear and honey holy)

Pergolo Proseccos45.00

(Italy) (Fresh and vibrant, crisp apple and peaches)

Dow's Late Bottled Vintage Port8.00

(Port–Portugal) (2oz full bodied and rich)

Veuve Cliquot100.00

(Champagne- France) (Pale lemon with fine bubbles with aromas of apple, pear, toast and brioche)


6oz Pour | 750ml Bottle

Chatateau D'Astros Rose AOC

(Rose- France) (Pale delicate pink, refreshing juicy strawberry and raspberry fruit flavor)
8 | 35

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Pop & Juice | Coffee | More!


Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Ginger Ale | Iced Tea

Traditional Cappuccino

Regular 4.50 | Large 5.50

Fresh OJ5.00

Traditional Americano

Regular 2.75 | Large 3.50


Cranberry | Pineapple | Apple | Pink Grapefruit

Traditional Macchiato

Regular 3.50 | Large 4.50

San Pellegrino

Small 2.50 | Large 5

Traditional Cafè Latte4.50

Large 5.50


Traditional Mochaccino

Regular 5 | Large 6.50

Virgin Cocktail5.00

Caesar, Mojito, Shirley Temple, House Elixir

Steamed Milk3.00

Organic Brewed Coffee3.50

Hot Chocolate4.00


London Fog4.50

Traditional Espresso2.75

Chai Latte

Small 3.50 | Large 5

Long Espresso3.50


Small 3 | Large 4

Chocolate Milk

Small 3.50 | Large 4.50

Coffee Add Ons And Substitutions

Milk Alternative

Small 1 | Large 1.50

Vanilla | Caramel Flavour Shot1.00