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Bottles - Lager

Bottom-fermenting yeast at low temperatures makes these brews crisp and clean, perfectly refreshing and eminently drinkable

Bottles - Pilsner

First brewed in the city of Pilzen, this beer is light in color and crystal clear. Prominent hops (usually Saaz) provide spice and floral notes. The malt profile is smooth and clean

Bottles - Pale/Light Ale

These beers are basic ales with malt and hops in balance. American ales tend to be hoppier and cleaner, while English are maltier and Belgians have a strong yeast character

Bottles - ESB

An amped up version of an English pale ale with more pronounced malt and hop profiles. Classic English hops lean towards earthy and spicy flavors as compared to their American counterparts which are more citrus and floral

Bottles - Fruit / Spice / Herb

Brewed to highlight the flavors of fruit or spice, these beers have lower malt and hop profiles. Most use artificial flavors, while the better examples incorporate real fruit in the brew.

Bottles - Lambic

Lambics are spontaneously fermented beers with a very unique palate thanks to wild yeasts. They all have a signature tartness and are often blended with fruit to add sweetness

Bottles - Cider / Ginger Beer

Light and refreshing, these beverages are fermentations of sugars from apples or pears (cider) or cane and spices (ginger beer)

Bottles - Gluten Free

These beers are brewed from gluten-free grains such as sorghum, quinoa and buckwheat

Bottles - Saison

A traditional farmhouse style brewed to refresh during the summer. Very complex aroma and flavor with lots of earthy and fruity notes and a dry finish

Bottles - IPA

Embraced by hopheads in the Americas, this style was produced to keep ales fresh on long voyages. Hop presence ranges from medium to raging inferno, but they are always refreshing and pair brilliantly with many foods

Bottles - Amber / Red Ale

A bigger malt profile characterizes these ales, which can range from amber to ruby in color and from light to full bodied in mouthfeel

Bottles - Sour / Flanders Ale

Flanders red ales are blended sour ales produced in oak barrels. They produce a complex, fruity, tart, red wine-like flavor and aroma

Bottles - Dubbel

Rich and malty, these highly carbonated brews come from centuries of Trappist brewing traditions. Dark candi sugar adds caramel and toffee notes as well as a dark red hue

Bottles - Tripel Belgian

Tripels present the dangerous combination of a light, easy-drinking character with high, but hidden alcohol presence. This is due to a liberal use of light candi sugar which boosts the alcohol content without adding body. Other characteristics are a strong yeast presence with subtle spice and a sweeter finish

Bottles - Quadrupel

Bold dark ales with lots of everything! Strong alcohol presence is balanced with loads of dark fruit, spice and toffee. Perfect for a cold day or paired with a rich dessert

Bottles - Belgian Style Strong Pale Ale

Pale to golden ales with a higher alcohol content and yeast presence than standard pales. Flavors tend towards fruity while hop character can range from subtle to bold

Bottles - Wheat Beer

Comprised of around 50% wheat, these beers have a uniquely smooth mouthfeel. Traditional yeasts add esters which come though as banana, clove, bubble gum or apples

Bottles - Belgian Style Strong Dark Ale

Tending towards stronger alcohol and spicier flavors, these ales are not subtle. High carbonation, big body and intense flavor are hallmarks

Bottles - Porter Dark Ale

Traditionally porters were made by mixing beers of different styles together. Modern examples play on this by combining light and dark malts to produce beers that are lighter in body but bigger in flavor. Porters highlight darker flavors such as chocolate, coffee and smoke

Bottles - Stout

Stouts can range from lighter bodied with subtle dark flavors to big, robust and viscous, from dry to sweet, and from low alcohol to high. All tend to be black and roasty

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